Can Whey Protein Help to Control Type 2 Diabetes?

Can Whey Protein Help to Control Type 2 Diabetes?

A large breakfast that consists of whey protein might assist manage Type 2 diabetes, inning accordance with a new research study presented at ENDO 2016, the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society. Roughly 29 million individuals in the United States have Type 2 diabetes, and another 86 million are dealing with prediabetes.

Whey Protein May Help to Control Type 2 Diabetes

Previous research has actually suggested that a large, high-protein breakfast, medium-sized lunch, and little supper can assist manage blood glucose levels and weight in people with Type 2 diabetes. To evaluate whether consuming whey protein (a milk byproduct created during cheese production) at breakfast is more effective than eating other proteins for controlling blood sugar level, HbA1c (a step of blood sugar level control over the previous 2 — 3 months), weight, and cravings, the researchers hired 48 obese and overweight people with Type 2 diabetes. The individuals, who had a typical age of 59, were randomly designated to among 3 diets containing the same amount of calories for 23 months. The only differences in between the diets were in the amount and type of proteins included at breakfast: The first group consumed breakfasts containing 42 grams of 80% whey protein concentrate, such as whey-based shakes; the second group consumed breakfasts including 42 grams of non-whey proteins such as eggs, tuna, and soy; and the third group ate high-carb breakfasts with on 17 grams of protein.

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After 12 weeks, the whey protein group had lost approximately 16.7 pounds, compared to 13.4 pounds for those consuming other proteins and 6.8 pounds for those eating mostly carb. Individuals eating whey protein also felt less hungry throughout the day, had lower post-meal blood glucose spikes, and had bigger decreases in HbA1c compared with those on the other two diets.

“Recent reports have actually shown that whey protein has a higher lowering result on [after-meal blood sugar] than other source of protein like soy, tuna, or eggs,” noted lead research study author Daniela Jakubowicz, MD. “The whey protein diet substantially suppresses the appetite hormone ‘ghrelin.’ A whey protein drink is quickly prepared and supplies the benefits of a high-protein breakfast on weight loss, decrease of cravings, glucose spikes, and HbA1c.”

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She added that whey protein is not a meal substitute, however rather that the whey protein shake must change other proteins normally eaten at breakfast.

To find out more, see the study’s abstract on the ENDO 2016 website.

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