Top 9 Foods You Should Avoid with Diabetes

Top 9 Foods You Should Avoid with Diabetes

We have collected for you a list of the worst foods for diabetes that you should avoid. These foods can cause blood sugar spikes or increase your risk of diabetes complications.


Not just do high-sugar foods like sweet, cookies, syrup, and soda lack dietary worth, however these low-quality carbs also cause a significant spike in blood sugar levels and can contribute to weight gain, both which can worsen diabetes complications. Learn to satisfy your sweet tooth by snacking on premium carbohydrates such as fresh fruit. Apples, berries, pears, grapes, and oranges all have sweet, juicy flavors and are packed with fiber to assist slow the absorption of glucose, making them a much better choice for blood sugar level control. When snacking on fruit, pair it with a protein food, such as a string cheese, nonfat yogurt, or handful of nuts, to even more reduce the effect on your blood glucose.


Pretzels have a healthy image, however a look at the active ingredients list reveals that their wholesome credibility is grossly unjust. Nearly every brand is made from the same basic components: white flour (wheat flour that’s been stripped of its nutrients and fiber), yeast, salt, and possibly some grease or corn syrup. It’s obvious from its subpar active ingredient list that this popular snack is pretty much lacking nutrition.


foods avoid diabetes

Pretzels are baked, not fried like potato chips, which saves you a few calories, however the white, refined carbohydrates do a number on your blood sugar level and do little to please your cravings. Skip the carb-fest and opt for a more balanced and filling snack that consists of some protein to help constant your sugars. Excellent options consist of a rice cake with reduced-fat cheese, a handful of pistachio nuts in the shell, or a nonfat Greek yogurt.

Snack Cakes and Pastries

It’s common understanding that packaged snacks and baked items are filled with sugar, salt, junky white flour and preservatives. Their harmful combination of sugar and fine-tuned flour spikes blood glucose and promotes swelling, which hinders insulin‘s capability to function correctly. If that isn’t adequate to turn you away from the vending machine, you ought to know that these highly-processed sweet treats frequently include trans fats. These poisonous fats raise your cholesterol and risk of heart disease, and are without a doubt the most hazardous of fat types. Examine labels thoroughly; always pick packaged items that list 0 grams trans fat and do not include any partly hydrogenated oils (a major source of trans fats) on the ingredients panel. By dropping these packaged desserts, you’ll conserve calories and cash, and get a much better handle on your blood sugar level.

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In addition to whole-fat dairy foods, fatty or marbled cuts of meat likewise bring a large quantity of saturated fat, which starts swelling in the body and results in various side effects. Since those with diabetes are currently at an increased risk of heart disease, consuming high-fat meats puts them at an even higher risk than the typical person. Instead of delighting in fatty bacon, hamburgers, bologna, hotdogs, or extra ribs, fill your plate with lean protein options like skinless chicken and turkey, fish and shellfish, or lean pork tenderloin.

Whole Milk

For those with diabetes, a diet high in hydrogenated fat can aggravate insulin resistance. Keep entire milk from the fridge, and get 1% (low-fat) or skim (non-fat) milk instead. Also, attempt your best to avoid other whole-milk dairy items like cream, full-fat yogurt, routine cheese and cream cheese; rather, pick their reduced-fat counterparts whenever possible.

White Bread

Fine-tuned starches — white bread, white rice, white pasta, and anything made with white flour — act a lot like sugar once the body starts to absorb them. Therefore, much like sugar, improved starches hinder glucose control and should be prevented by those with diabetes. Whole grains are a better choice because they’re richer in fiber and generally cause a slower, steadier increase in blood sugar level. Rather of white bread or a bagel for breakfast, choose a toasted entire grain English Muffin (topped with a piece of reduced-fat cheese or rushed egg for protein).

White Bread and diabetes

At lunch and dinner, change white carbs with healthier whole grain alternatives such as brown or wild rice, barley, quinoa, and whole-wheat bread to reduce the influence on your blood sugar level. Even top quality, whole grain starches elevate blood glucose to some degree, so it’s still essential to restrict portions — stick with 1/2 to 3/4 cup prepared grains or simply 1 piece of bread at meals.

French Fries

Overdoing it on greasy, fried foods can cause weight gain and damage your blood sugar level. French french fries, potato chips, and doughnuts are particularly bad choices for diabetics because they’re made with carb-heavy, starchy active ingredients, which can cause blood glucose levels to soar. Fried foods take in tons of oil, leading to great deals of extra calories — and some, like fried chicken and numerous fried appetisers, are covered in breading which increases the calorie count a lot more. Numerous fried foods are likewise laden with unhealthy trans fats because they’ve been deep-fried in hydrogenated oils, which will raise your bad cholesterol and increase your risk of heart disease. Whether you currently have diabetes or are working to prevent it, no quantity of trans fats can be safely incorporated into your diet, so it’s best to inspect labels and keep hydrogenated oils far from your plate.

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Pancakes and Syrup

A plate of pancakes with syrup is an overall carb explosion and one of the outright worst breakfast options for someone with diabetes. Most pancakes are jumbo-sized and made with junky white flour, so downing a stack of three large flapjacks can be the equivalent of eating seven pieces of white bread! Of course, the garnishes make matters worse. Butter is packed with artery-clogging saturated fat, and a common half-cup pour of gooey pancake syrup adds 16 teaspoons of straight sugar to your breakfast! This starch-and-sugar overload will send your blood sugars into a tailspin (not to discuss, assist you pack on the pounds). Next time you’re at a restaurant, bypass the pancakes and rather buy a low-carb, protein-rich egg white omelet stuffed with vegetables.


Eating raisins or other dried fruits may be a better choice than snacking on cookies, but it’ll still spike your blood glucose. Why? During the dehydration procedure, fruits’ natural sugars become really concentrated, triggering an unhealthy elevation in blood sugar level when they are rapidly absorbed by the body. Simply one more need to stick with entire, fresh fruit options like grapefruit, cantaloupe, strawberries, and peaches.

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