How to Get a Free Diabetic Bracelet

There are numerous ways to obtain free medical ID fashion jewelry, which can interact important details about your diabetes condition in an emergency. Upon demand, the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation, or DRWF, sends you a complimentary diabetes medical necklace. If you choose a bracelet, you may receive a complimentary bracelet from the MedicAlert Foundation. Veterans are qualified totally free medical ID bracelets through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Your insurance plan may likewise reimburse you for medical ID fashion jewelry.

To ask for a free locket from DRWF, submit the kind offered on the company’s site and mail it with a self-addressed envelope stamped with 69 cents of postage to the address offered. The company returns a free locket with a pendant that checks out, “I have diabetes. Please test my blood before treating me.”

The American Diabetes Association® suggests that all people with diabetes wear a diabetes medical alert identification bracelet, specifically if you’re on a diabetes medication that can reduce the blood glucose and cause hypoglycemia (low blood glucose reactions).

You can request the FREE Diabetes necklace -with a self-addressed and stamped envelope sent out to DRWF or you can buy online. By wearing this life conserving ID every day, you are in effect informing and sharing your knowledge of diabetes.

Because revealing the Diabetes Necklace program in 1993, DRWF has experienced a frustrating response.

To receive your FREE Diabetes Necklace, click on this link to fill out the Diabetes Necklace Coupon and mail your self-addressed, stamped ($ 0.69) demand to the address below.

FREE Diabetes Necklace

1832 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Suite 420

Washington, DC 20009

However, a bracelet might provide additional benefits compared to a pendant. Medical ID manufacturer American Medical ID found in a survey that lifesaver, or EMTs, check patients’ wrists for a medical ID bracelet 95 percent of the time in an emergency but only check their necks 68 percent of the time. An ID bracelet likewise often provides more surface area for inscribing extra medical details, such as insulin dependence and allergies, your name and emergency contact information.

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Call your health insurance company to find out if you are covered for the cost of a medical ID bracelet. If not, consider applying for sponsored services from the MedicAlert Foundation, which offers you a totally free bracelet and three years of medical reaction services if you show monetary requirement. If you are a veteran, visit a VA center or speak to your physician about purchasing a totally free bracelet.

27 Replies to “How to Get a Free Diabetic Bracelet”
  1. Bruce Campbell

    I do use a diabetic alert bracelet plus carry a diabetic card in purse and purse with family/hubbys phone no’s on.
    My bracelet is from ebay italian diabetic beauties they are very sensible in price, as I discovered other sites so pricey with
    alert bracelets. These will fit any wrist size as you can include or eliminate the links.
    I do HAVE other medical conditions [had open heart surgery] besides being an insulin dependent type2.
    My bracelet is fashionable so can wear with other jewellery too.
    Paramedics are trained to try to find these when going to patients in emergency situations.
    Medics HAVE said to me that they WISH ‘more’ individuals would wear these, as it saves their precious time with swifter proper diagnosis without needing to pack individuals off for tests to work out what is the problem, if unconcious incoherrent etc.
    Wearing medical alert identity can guarantee quicker timely teatment. It helps MORE than we realise …

  2. Connie George

    Searching for help with Diabetes awareness bracelets. Looking to share with family and friends who also have Diabetes. Do you have free bracelets.
    Thank you.
    Connie George

  3. Jeanette Craddock

    I’m 62 and need a diabetic bracelet what’s the address? My daughter is diabetic and also allergic to morphine we are on fixed income what is the address?

    • Digital Editor Dilgam H.

      Hello! You can click links in this topic. We don’t have bracelets, we just share information with you.

    • Tonya Hyatte

      I’m a type 2 diabetic I have COPD ND I have fibromyalgia ND I’m on a oxygen machine ND I have to take breathing treatments I need a bracelet

  4. Edward T Brady

    Turning 70 soon and have been a type2 diabetic for 8 years now. Never had an ID to identify me as such ; so a free bracelet seems like a no-brainer. Sending me all info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Shawna Davis

      All the info is in the article . Just click on the link and fill it out and send a self addressed stamped envelope to the address provided above .

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