The First World Leader With Type 1 Diabetes

In the after-effects of the current Brexit vote — a referendum in which the United Kingdom (UK) chose to leave the European Union — British Prime Minister David Cameron revealed his resignation, and the role was taken over by Home Secretary Theresa May. And while her name, politics, and tasks might not be familiar to the majority of Americans, readers of this site will acknowledge a minimum of one element of her everyday regimen, as May was detected with Type 1 diabetes in 2013.

Theresa May and Type 1 Diabetes

At age 59, May has actually become the first significant world leader with the condition. Initially misdiagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at age 56 after she started showing symptoms such as consuming a lot, feeling tired, and slimming down, May was ultimately identified with Type 1 in November 2012. She has actually given that been involved in advocacy for the diabetes research structure JDRF.

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Might is one of 3.5 million individuals (approximately 5.5% of the population) in the United Kingdom identified with diabetes, about 400,000 of whom have Type 1, an autoimmune condition in which the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas are destroyed. In the United States, roughly 29 million people (roughly 9.1% of the population) have diabetes, about 1.25 million of whom are living with Type 1.

“It was a genuine shock and, yes, it took me a while to come to terms with it,” May informed UK newspaper the Daily Mail. “The diabetes doesn’t affect how I do the job or what I do. It’s simply a part of life… so it’s a case of head down and getting on with it.”

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“There’s an excellent quote from Steve Redgrave who was detected with diabetes before he won his last Olympic gold medal,” May adds. “He stated diabetes should discover how to live with me rather than me live with diabetes. That’s the mindset.”

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