Diabetes Lancets

Diabetes Lancets

Lancing is an important part of effective diabetes management for many diabetics. Lancets are the little, sharp items that are used to prick the skin.

This piercing of the skin allows you to draw a little drop of blood to the surface in order to test blood sugar levels utilizing a blood sugar screen and blood glucose test strips.


Although some diabetics puncture themselves with a lancet, most prefer to use a special lancing device.

Lancing devices are created to firmly grip the lancet, and are operated by merely clicking a button. Depending on how thick-skinned the patient is, different settings may be required.

Lancets are developed to just be used once, and then disposed of in a safe method. Utilizing a lancet just as soon as will make it more blunt, and therefore more painful to use. There are a variety of ways of getting rid of used lancets securely as they can bring infection. Some business sell sharps boxes, and GPs can even recommend sharps bins to get rid of lancets securely.

There are a variety of different lancets and lancing devices on the marketplace, not all of which mesh. Some business make universal lancing devices, however this is not the case for every single producer.

In some medical professionals’ surgical treatments, expert lancing devices can be used by many patients.

Are all lancets the exact same size?

Lancets vary considerably in size, some are smaller and therefore better suited for children. These same lancets may not draw a proper amount of blood for grownups.

Do some lancets harm more than others?

Some companies declare that their lancet or lancing device is less painful to use, however this isn’t really necessarily always the case.

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