Diabetes-Friendly Cakes (Diabetic Cakes)

Diabetes-Friendly Cakes (Diabetic Cakes)

A lot of people with diabetes want to understand whether they can eat cakes and treats without the feeling of guilt or the sharp increase in blood glucose levels that are typically related to these so called naughty indulgences.

We bring you pointers on how to modify cake dishes to reduce their carbohydrate material and therefore reduce their result on your blood glucose levels.

Lower sugar cakes

The main suspects associated with pushing up sugar levels in cakes are sugar, flour and any additional decoration (inside or out).

Changing sugar in baking: sweeteners

Sugar can be changed with sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners, likewise called extreme or low calorie sweeteners such as those including saccharin, aspartame or sucralose, have a sweeter flavour than sugar therefore fewer grams of sweetener may be had to replace the grams of sugar.

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Examine instructions on the sweetener or its accompanying site for more details of how best to use it in baking.

Safety note: If you have phenylketonuria you need to not take in products containing aspartame.

Sugar alcohols, likewise referred to as polyols, such as:

  • Maltitol
  • Mannitol
  • Xylitol
  • Sorbitol

have less of a result on blood sugar levels than sugar however can have a laxative result and are best consumed in smaller amounts.


Replacing flour in baking: almond meal

A great replacement for flour is carefully ground almonds, which you may be able to buy as ‘almond meal’ and has a much lower carb content than flour so is much kinder to blood glucose levels.

You can make your own almond flour by roasting and blitzing fresh almonds in a food mill.

Please note that over blitzing of the almonds can see it turn to nut butter so you might require a couple of attempts to obtain the consistency right.

Do not forget the baking powder or sodium bicarbonate and have a good time cooking.

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