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Diabetes and Anxiety: Symptoms and Causes

Anxiety can be defined as a fear-based mental state, typically felt as a discomforting emotion accompanied with physical feelings in the body.

Anxiety based mental illness (i.e. individuals identified with SAD or GAD) are people who appear distressed about almost everything.

This has a destructive impact on their ability to carry out normal everyday activities.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Symptoms include extreme concern and unnecessary anxiety for many activities with symptoms being present and constant for a minimum of 6 months.

Stress and anxiety is tough to manage and is accompanied by somatic symptoms including:

  • Shaking
  • Heart palpitations
  • Extreme perspiration
  • Weeping

Frequently it will be a mindset that is reached after years of dealing with the condition.

Individuals diagnosed with diabetes are roughly 20% most likely to experience stress and anxiety than those without diabetes.

What are the causes of anxiety?

Being detected with diabetes can instigate anxiety in a number of ways.

Individuals with diabetes might possibly be distressed about how their condition will be viewed by others consisting of pals, family and work associates.

Anxiety might also develop over what could occur if they were experience a hypo while driving or whilst looking after their children.

Extreme worrying can result in social anxiety.

Symptoms of social stress and anxiety include

  • Being afraid of leaving your home or place of convenience
  • Stress and anxiety of being around individuals, known or complete strangers
  • Avoidance of social interaction

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Why might I be distressed?

Individuals identified with diabetes may be distressed about the long term implications of their condition.

Greater than 70%, of diabetics might develop macrovascular conditions consisting of heart attack and stroke. In addition, between 5% and 10% are reported to experience microvascular complications varying from problems with eyes, limbs and kidneys.

Furthermore people with diabetes may experience excessive stress over death, what would take place to them, their family and loved ones.

In most cases of type 2 diabetes, there is frequently stress and anxiety concerning weight and diet. It is widely publicised that being overweight can be a cause of the condition, therefore as well as anxiety of how to control weight and diet, emotions such as regret and anger may likewise happen.

How can I avoid stress and anxiety?

Proper stress management might be crucial to preventing conditions such as anxiety. Relaxation techniques consist of:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Yoga
  • Tai chi
  • Meditation
  • Self-hypnosis

Relaxation techniques such as the ones noted above are all be effective in relieving stress. Mindfulness based training in combination with diabetes management are showing an important method to help the process of approval, while minimizing anxiety and stress.

Research carried out at the psychology department at Stanford University used brain imaging innovations to analyze the result of mindfulness training on social anxiety. They reported that individuals who completed the mindfulness course showed minimized symptoms of stress and anxiety and depression and demonstrated a boosted self-esteem.
Mindfulness practices help to change the relationship one has with their panic and stress and anxiety with acceptance, empathy and awareness.

This methodology has actually been revealed to be considerably more reliable in the long term. It has been clinically proven to improve lifestyle and enable the professional to develop a disassociation with panic and stress and anxiety, implying they no longer require these states to define who they are or how they live their lives.

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  1. Karen Cooper

    I do not know if this holds true for others but I get truly distressed when I have sudden modifications in my bg. Totally brand-new reaction (well last six months) but when I take a look at my libre charts I can track my stress and anxiety to quickly altering bg. Not sure about domino effect whether it’s the modification that triggers the stress and anxiety or the other way around however it is quite great for me to think of this when I am feeling anxious! Not that it always resolves the issue but it works partway.

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