Best Diabetes Books for Women and Men

Books for Women

The Smart Woman’s Guide to Diabetes

By Amy Stockwell Mercer

We can’t consider a much better looked into overview of the nuanced life of a lady with diabetes than this.

With 25 years of diabetes life experience herself, Amy created an extensive guide to the numerous special elements of coping with diabetes as a woman. She discuss whatever from dealing with feelings at diagnosis, to consuming and exercise, to dating, sex and motherhood. She includes individual stories from over 20 women with diabetes, consisting of DiabetesMine editor Amy Tenderich. The author likewise includes Q&A s with endocrinologists and other medical experts.

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Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes: Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby

By Cheryl Alkon

Author Cheryl Alkon writes: “(When) I began blogging about my efforts to get and remain pregnant, while handling my type 1 diabetes. I liked the support I received from commenters. Plus, I wanted to get in touch with others who were pregnant, had delivered, or who were aiming to conceive … At the exact same time, I discovered that there were no insider’s overviews of pregnancy with pre-existing diabetes that were distinguished an actual female with diabetes’ point of view.” This was Cheryl’s impetus to compile this book, which offers the insider information of pregnancy and type 1 or type 2 diabetes, based on both her personal experiences and insights from dozens of other women who have actually existed.

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A Woman’s Guide to Diabetes: A Path to Wellness

By Dr. Nat Strand and Brandy Barnes

This most recent title for women is succinct, clearly and frankly written, and aside from some great diabetes fundamentals, it consists of a great deal of excellent unique info and triggers that you will not find anywhere else. After all, when was the last time you opened a diabetes book to find whole areas on puberty, hormones, conception, menopause, mood changes, relationships, guilt feelings, coping systems, soul-searching and spirituality? All stereotypically female topics, however likewise sorely overlooked in the diabetes literature to date.

The Sisterhood of Diabetes

By Judith Jones-Ambrosini

Thirty-eight female professional athletes who’ve done fantastic things regardless of their diabetes are profiled in this volume. The author manages to deftly inform each of their stories, in concise sections of about 10 pages each, alongside helpful little break-out areas on diabetes, diabetes camps, and the sports these women do. Like did you know that Dragon Boat Racing dates back to ancient folk festivals about 2000 years ago? Today, Nicole Marcelin, detected with type 1 diabetes four days before her 5th birthday, is a competitive dragon boat racer, and also recently gave birth to a healthy baby woman!

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Books for Men

Regrettably there are few books that focus particularly on issues of issue to men with diabetes. Hopefully this brand-new one will start a pattern:

My Sweet Life: Successful Men with Diabetes

By Beverly S. Adler

Even men with diabetes require support in some cases, and this 259-page book is the first of its kind: stories of accomplishment for men with diabetes, composed by those successful men with diabetes, compiled by Dr. Bev Adler. The book includes numerous popular men in the diabetes neighborhood, athletes, medical pros and TELEVISION characters — all discussing their lives and obstacles with diabetes, and how they’ve managed to be successful regardless of (or together with) this disease.

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