Best Diabetes Books for the Newly Diagnosed

A few well-known titles that are exceptionally helpful when you’re new to diabetes include: the “Diabetes for Dummies” book from that series; “Think Like a Pancreas,” by acclaimed Certified Diabetes Educator Gary Scheiner, aimed mostly at type 1 diabetes; and Gretchen Becker’s “The First Year with Type 2 Diabetes: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed.”

Beyond those, we recommend:

Taming the Tiger: Your First Year with Diabetes

By William Lee Dubois

Written by DiabetesMine’s own Q&A writer and reporter Wil Dubois, this slim little volume of simply over 100 pages aims to offer recently detected folks “the bare-bones information you have to get going” on the “lifelong journey that will be easier than you can perhaps envision today.”

Know Your Numbers, Outlive Your Diabetes

By Amy Tenderich and Dr. Richard Jackson

DiabetesMine Editor Amy Tenderich and Joslin Diabetes Center endocrinologist Dr. Richard Jackson worked together on this do-it-yourself guide to general health and long life with diabetes. The book describes the 5 necessary health tests that you’ll have to understand and monitor over your life time: the 5 vital health tests: A1c, lipids, blood pressure, microalbumin, and eye exam — plus detailed directions on how to enhance if your outcomes run out variety.

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Cheating Destiny: Living with Diabetes, America’s Biggest Epidemic

By James Hirsch

Journalist James Hirsch (who lives with type 1 diabetes) in some way managed to turn loads of data and individual reviews about experiencing an undesirable disease into a book so engaging it’s hard to put down. He’s cleverly woven together whatever from the carnivalistic commercialism of the yearly ADA Expo to the life of “insulin’s poster lady” Elizabeth Evans Hughes to the trials of the country’s leading embryonic biologist. This book offers you a “Big Picture” of diabetes in America.

Pumping Insulin

By John Walsh and Ruth Roberts

If you are at all curious about the benefits of using an insulin pump, you’ll desire this book.

Seriously, it is thought about by lots of to be “the Bible” on insulin pumps. It’s written by a husband-wife team of medical specialists, and John (the hubby) has actually been using an insulin pump himself for over 30 years (!)

The Book of Better

By Chuck Eichten

This vibrant volume on the benefits of insulin pumping (it’s much better!) is like a comic book, or rather a work of art, with every page including some type of graphic or design element. But it’s still well-written and helpful, explaining how insulin users can live much better with their diabetes with an insulin pump at their hip.

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