Best Diabetes Books for Children and Their Parents

Best Diabetes Books for Children and Their Parents

Books for Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes

Kids First, Diabetes Second: Tips for Parenting a Child with Type 1 Diabetes

By Leighann Calentine

Written by Leighann Calentine, author of D-Mom Blog and mommy to Quinn, a school-age PWD detected with type 1 in 2008, this book covers a good balance of practical techniques and pointers for managing diabetes, along with how to handle the emotional concern of raising a child with this disease. Keep in mind that the book focuses primarily on Leighann’s own individual experiences, so none of the info ought to be taken as authoritative.

Diabetes and Me: An Essential Guide for Kids and Parents

By Kim Chaloner and Nick Bertozzi

A couple group in New York have actually found a way to enliven diabetes learning with this “graphic book” for kids and grownups that teaches you all about diabetes self-care, Cathy-style (for those who bear in mind that cartoon). The book is packed loaded with Diabetes 101 info, broken out into 6 chapters that talk disease basics, health care team, blood sugar level subtleties, meal and workout elements, and the important support elements of coping with diabetes.

Life is Short, Laundry is Eternal

By Scott Benner

Scott Benner is the Diabetes Dad from New Jersey behind the blog, Arden’s Day, named for his daughter Arden who’s been coping with type 1 since age 2 in 2006. This 228-page paperback is hugely amusing. It’s a guy sharing his own experiences as a stay-at-home daddy — the great, bad and the unsightly. Diabetes doesn’t take center stage, but he does describe the feelings around his child’s medical diagnosis. And he gives a peek into his everyday activities and how diabetes and other tasks, like doing those feared loads of laundry, all meshed.

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Raising Teens with Diabetes: A Survival Guide for Parents

By Moira McCarthy Stanford

Composed by enthusiastic D-Mom and supporter Moira McCarthy Stanford (who blog sites over at Despite Diabetes), we called this book “the most valuable volume to any family that includes a teen with diabetes.” All the material stems from Moira’s first-hand experience raising her now 20-something daughter Lauren, who was diagnosed at the age of 6 in 1997. The book clarifies the point of view of both the teen living with it, and the parents aiming to, well, parent…

Best Diabetes Books for Kids

Lara Takes Charge

By Rocky Lang

How do you describe to a kid with diabetes why her parents are harming her with finger pricks and insulin injections every day? Hollywood manufacturer Rocky Lang is one daddy who had problem with that predicament. In 2001, his ten-year-old child, Nikki, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

“Lara was so young and had no concept of what was taking place,” Rocky says. “It was gut-wrenching. So I composed a book for her.” That book ended up offering over 15,000 copies. It tells the story of a lady, Lara, who lives and plays gladly all while managing her diabetes with her glucose meter and insulin pump.

Coco’s First Sleepover (and other Coco the Monkey with Diabetes books)

Published by Disney

This is the 3rd book in a series by Disney Publishing and Lilly Diabetes including the character Coco the Monkey with Diabetes. At 24 pages with four question/answer pages, it’s written to help children and their families get ready for the child’s first night far from home after being diagnosed with type 1.

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Covering the Bases

By Leigh Olsen

At 133 pages and partly sponsored by ESPN, this book has to do with a kid called Phillip Mitchell who cannot wait to go to baseball camp. He’s been anticipating it for months, and it’s lastly here! There’s simply one issue: he hasn’t spent a lot of nights away from home because he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and he’s fretted. What if something goes wrong and there’s no one around who can assist him? Will Phillip have the ability to enjoy his very first time at baseball camp, or will his nerves get the best of him?

Super star Dreams

By Leigh Olsen

This is the story of Morgan Carlyle, who’s brand-new to town and hasn’t made any buddies yet. Then she meets Lizzie and it appears her luck is changing. Lizzie is great, and her good friend Naomi also shares all the same interests as Morgan. But Naomi does not wish to be Morgan’s friend. Rather, she appears to see her as competition. Then Lizzie invites Morgan to a sleepover. Morgan is thrilled, but she’s also anxious. She hasn’t slept away from home since she was detected with type 1 diabetes. And to make matters worse, Naomi will exist, too! Can Morgan conquer her concerns and find a method for her and Naomi to both be superstars?

Ballerina Dreams

By Zippora Karz

The diabetes neighborhood’s preferred prima ballerina, Zippora Karz, added “children’s author” to her resume when she recently released a thoroughly charming book about a school-age lady with a passion for ballet who gets detected with type 1 diabetes right prior to the biggest performance of her little life.

Parents of little girls will discover this book similar to the “Nina Nina Ballerina” series, but with an advanced diabetes twist. And Zippora does not “dumb down” this disease at all, however rather provides it in extremely clear and frank terms.

The Babysitter’s Club: The Truth About Stacey

By Ann M. Martin

The cherished Babysitter’s Club book series about four buddies who form a babysitter’s club in their little, imaginary town in Connecticut covered 217 novels between 1986 and 2000, and there was also a 1995 motion picture and a short-lived Disney series. Although the series is now a quarter-century old and much of the diabetes tools and innovation have actually altered, this book about 13-year-old Stacey’s battle exposing her diabetes to her pals still proves out.

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